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COVID 19 - How Its Effecting Us

Ahhh Freshies...... so much uncertainty...... so much frustration.  You may see that some of our products are "sold out" and have been for awhile.  We usually try VERY hard to make sure all the products you have come to love stay in stock..... or at least are out of stock for a very short time while we wait for ingredients or packaging.

Due to the termoil that we are all going through right now..... including the plastic and metal bottle production world....... we are currently facing a massive shortage from several of our Canadian package suppliers.

We are working feverishly to try to source different packaging or to even put a certain product in a different bottle/jar for the time being.  Our refill station at The Fresh Wife Collective in Stettler, AB is growing so we can still provide you with an opportunity to get the products you love..... even if its not in a FW bottle at the moment.

We cannot even begin to describe the gratitude we feel for each and every order and for sticking with us as while we navigate this CRAZY time.  We know money is short and the fact that you choose to spend those hard earned dollars on our products just legit blows our mind.  We LOVE to hear your feedback.... how you love or not each product because that's how we get better.

Make sure to follow us on social so you can stay up to date on whats happening on the FW front.... including sales, products releases and general life chaos with running a business, being a mom and not going completely insane!


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