About Us

Separately - We are ....

Stephanie Plaetner

Stephanie was raised in Chauvin, AB, a very small town where the simple life was the good life. Her parents are hard working folk who raised Steph and her two siblings to really appreciate the good things in life. Steph and her husband, Lars, have three boys - Cohen, Isaac and Dylan and live on a beautiful acreage where they have the space to let them roam. Natural and toxin-free soaps and skin care was born out of the need to heal her son, who suffered from eczema and allergies that only seemed to get worse under the usual compliment of prescription drugs. After eliminating chemicals, toxins and other irritants from their life, Cohen’s skin healed, and he started to thrive.

Shawna Benson

Shawna was born and raised in Endiang – on a farm where her roots are still firmly planted. The hills of Endiang provided hours and hours of uninhibited discovery for her brother and herself. Her and her husband Darren now live in Erskine, on their little piece of paradise, and are raising twin boys – Cameron & Carter – completely embracing the wild that comes with children. The move to a more toxin-free lifestyle was a natural progression, an unsatisfied desire to keep my boys safe from unnecessary toxins in the products we use every day – and to keep our lives simple. Pure. Off the farm.

Together We Are ...

The Fresh Wife Soap Company is an all-natural, locally handcrafted small batch soap company. Our unique blends of essential oils and natural butters create luxurious soaps and skin care products that you can feel good about using – on your whole family. You can rest assured that our products have no dyes, fragrances, or toxins – if we wouldn’t use them on our own families, we won’t sell them to you!

For the both of us – Fresh Wife is a journey of wellness, empowerment and adventure. Join us. We will happily bring you along for the ride!

All our products are handcrafted in Stettler, AB.... a small town in central Alberta where our families now call home.

We would love to hear from you or for wholesale information... please email us at hello@thefreshwife.ca