Calm Balm

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Anxiety?...…. sleeplessness?......stress?...…overwhelm?

Calm Balm is an effective aromatherapy balm that aids in the prevention and remedy of all of these!  Formulated with soothing Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot and grounding Cedarwood.  Apply to your chest, behind the ears or wrists and inhale the calming aroma.  

It is great to apply to children who may be worked up about school, sports or sleeping. 

Large Balm - 50gr  Travel - 15gr

  1. Shea Butter
  2. Grapeseed Oil
  3. Beeswax (locally sourced)
  4. Lavender Essential Oil
  5. Chamomile Essential Oil
  6. Geranium Essential Oil
  7. Bergamot Essential Oil
  8. Cedarwood Essential Oil
How to Use

Apply to hot spots (behind ears, wrists, chest) and inhale aroma.  Apply to children's feet to use as a sleep aid.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bedtime Fave

I started using this after we discovered the awesome breathe balm during cold and flu season and had to try more fresh wife products! The safe and natural ingredients makes it great for babies and kids. My toddler loves having it as part of his bedtime routine now and it gives bedtime some smell good sleepy vibes! We rub it on the chest and feet and sometimes massage around.


I am a first responder and have a stressful career that can negatively impact my sleep. This calm balm has really helped improve my quality of sleep. Highly recommend purchasing. I am very impressed with this product! :)

This is a miracle product!

After having my first baby I thought I was never going to sleep again…I would “sleep” but never actually feel like I had gained energy at all… that was until I found this miracle product! I put a swipe of this on my chest and boom I’m out like a light! I’m not talking about a light sleep I’m talking about a deep regenerating sleep like I used to have before I had kids! I recommend it to all moms and all people that want a good nice calm sleep!

So Relaxing!

I recently purchased this product for the first time, and now I use it nearly every day! Whenever I’m feeling a little stressed or I drank one too many cups of coffee, I apply a little bit of this to my wrists and behind my ears and it completely relaxes me. 10/10 would recommend

So nice!

This is truly calming! I use it every night at bedtime and it's pleasant soothing scent is so relaxing. I will definitely be getting some again.