Fresh Wife Baby Bums diaper cream made with all natural ingredients.  Sold in an 120ml plastic jar.
All natural Fresh Wife Baby Bums all natural diaper cream.  Container opened to show thick salve on a white background.

Baby Bums - Diaper Cream

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We get it!   You only want to put the most natural, pure products onto your baby's skin.  Our Baby Bums is made without essential oils making it safe to use on those brand new tiny bums. Is also great at healing other skin irritations such as teething rashes, scrapes and eczema.  

It has the healing power of zinc oxide, vitamin E and coconut oil, bentonite clay to help absorb the moisture and beeswax so it stays on the skin!

Size/Weight: 110gr

1. Shea Butter

2. Organic Coconut Oil

3. Beeswax (locally sourced)

4. Zinc Oxide

5. Bentonite Clay 

6. Vitamin E

Apply to effected area.  Reapply as necessary

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