Patchouli Mint Bar Soap

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Our handcrafted cold process bars of soap are made nourishing and long lasting because we use beef tallow.  We purchase it from the butcher and render it down ourselves.  Nope our bars are not vegan but we are proud of that..... as it makes great soap and we make use of something that would of ended up the garbage.

This grounding and earthy bar of soap is scented with Patchouli, Spearmint and Eucalyptus.  It is one of our very first scents we formulated and continues to be a Freshie favorite.  It makes for a wonderful body bar and makes your whole bathroom fragrant when used.


1. Sodium Olivate (saponified Olive Oil)

2. Sodium Cocoate (saponified Coconut Oil)

3. Sodium Tallowate (saponified Tallow)

4. Sodium Shea Butterate (saponified Shea Butter)

5. Sodium Castorate (saponified Castor Oil)

6. Kaolin Clay (for slip)

7. Patchouli Essential Oil

8. Spearmint Essential Oil

9. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

10. Olive Clay (natural colourant)

11. Titanium Dioxide (for the white colour)

How to Use

Wet bar and skin.  Rub until suds form.  Rinse well with warm water.

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Based on 2 reviews
One of my favourite bar soaps from Fresh Wife

The patchouli mint soap is lovely, the soap lathers up nicely and the bar lasts awhile, your skin feels soft and not taut. I have tried many soaps from different brands and am very pleased with it. My husband even commented on the soap ( I wouldn't have thought he would have noticed). I have ordered the spring bars in several scents and they all smell divine. Looking forward to using the spring bars. I am just having a difficult time deciding which one to use first, Cherry Blossom, Summer Sunset, Sun and Sand, Lavendar Mint or Aloe and Sea Salt bar?

Win win!!

My favorite shower product! I've been using these soaps instead of shower gel/body wash products for a while and I absolutely love them. They make my skin feel soft and never sticky. Bonus- my bathroom always smells nice when the soap drys after the shower. Win win!!