Rose Water

Our Rose Water is made with Rose Hydrosol which is the by-product of essential oil production.  When the flower is cooked down to create the essential oil a steam is produced and collected.  It has the same wonderful healing properties without the "oiliness".  

Rose helps to boost collagen and helps with premature aging.  It shrinks pores, tightens skin and helps to balance skins oiliness.  It reduces inflammation and redness and helps skin irritations.  It also has anti-bacterial properties making it great for fighting acne.

  1. Aloe Vera Juice
  2. Witch Hazel
  3. Rose Hydrosol
How to Use

Spray on face after cleansing with 3-4 spritz.  Follow with Fresh Wife Serum or your favorite moisturizer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
May be the best facial product ever..

I tried this as a toner and was shocked and amazed how MOISTURIZING it is?!! It feels WONDERFUL on my face - clean, refreshed & silky soft! Very impressed & highly recommend!!! :)

My fav!

I’ve used both the rose and frankincense toner sprays- I love them both! Makes your skin feel light and fresh and all you need is 1-2 sprays so it lasts a while! 100% recommend

My new favorite beauty product!

I pretty much go fresh faced most of the time, so I am always trying to find products that make my skin look and feel its best so I can feel even better going sans makeup.

I got this product right at the start of the cold snap that rocked Alberta last week and I swear this is what saved my skin. No super dry patches, no redness from wind and cold. We also have very hard water in my town and this has helped combat flare ups from that as well.

One of my friends asked what I've been using for my skin care lately as my skin has looked so nice and I sent her right here 🙌🏻 Such an amazing product!! Loving the Fresh Wife brand! 🥰

Kimberly Couture
Life saver!!

Immediately fell in love with the FW Rose Water. My face is starting to love me again and not getting horrible flare ups and redness has definitely decreased since using this product!! Face feels refreshed after using! Huge fan of the rose water!

So refreshing!!

This rose water spray is SO refreshing! I use it all day long and LOVE it!

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