Sugared Spruce Linen Spray

We are so excited to finally release our much anticipated silver citrate infused Linen Spray!!  The silver citrate, known for its antimicrobial properties, serves as a guardian against unwanted odors, leaving your linens, furniture, shoes, sports bags and any other stinky  items not just wonderfully scented but also meticulously purified.

Experience the invigorating scent of freshly-cut spruce trees, delicately dusted with a sprinkle of sugar. The fragrance captures the essence of the holiday season, combining the refreshing aroma of red winter berries and crisp apples with the unmistakable fragrance of fragrant fir needles. Let the uplifting notes of Sugared Spruce fill your bathroom, creating a festive and welcoming ambiance

Size: 236ml or 8oz bottle


Hold spray bottle 6" away from cloth.  Spray as needed.

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