Unscented Foaming Soap

Our gentle Foaming Hand Soap is made with hand crafted liquid soap made from nourishing olive, coconut and castor oils.  It won't dry our your hands but is still tough on dirty and germs!  It is proven that hand washing is more effective at killing germs on your hands than any anti-bacterial products!!  Save your skin and your guts.... just wash your hands for 25 secs with warm water!!

Apple Spice is a seasonal favorite.  Its warm spicy aroma fills the bathroom to remind you of the warm fall sun on your face and Grandma's apple pie in the oven.

Size/Weight: 250ml

  1. Water
  2. Sodium Cocoate (saponified Coconut Oil)
  3. Sodium Olivate (saponified Olive Oil)
  4. Sodium Castorate (saponified Castor Oil)
  5. Cocamidopropyl Betaine (coconut derived bubble maker)
  6. Decyl Glucoside (coconut derived bubble maker)
  7. Ecocertified Preservative
  8. Chamomile Essential Oil
  9. Clove Essential Oil
  10. Cassia Essential Oil
  11. Flavor
How to Use

Pump 1-2 pumps of soap into wet hands.  Scrub grease, grime and dirt away!  Rinse.  Repeat as necessary.

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Doesn't dry out your hands

We keep this product by all our sinks now. With the extra hand washing going on these days, I find that this soap doesn't dry out your skin at all. And the foaming part makes if fun for kids! It's like a mini bubble bath in the sink. Great product!